Can we talk about the Lion’s King’s “Circle of Life

Can we talk about the Lion’s King’s “Circle of Life?” Most of us were raised with Rafiki holding up baby Simba as almost all creatures gather in collective worship to the Circle of Life.
The Circle of Life is an inherent principal to what we’ve grown up with. It’s spiritual principles are reinforced with “Colors of the Wind,” “Avatar” by James Cameron, the Force in Star Wars, the power of Love and Phoenix Song Harry Potter, Dust in His Dark Materials, etc.
They are consistent with the spiritual ideas of Qi, Prana, the Holy Spirit, Universal Flow, etc.
And yet, in the stories we grew up with, we learned that the only way the hero’s of the story truly accept the Universal Flow, is by facing a Patriarchal Empire led by an ideological belief that wants to dominate or destroy this Flow: Scar, the Sky People, the Sith, Voldemort, the Magisterium, etc.
We are a collective group of heroes who were raised to embrace Universal Flow in the face of villains who wish to subjugate all of Life underneath it’s tyrannical claws.
I recently wrote, “Donald Trump is as legitimate as President of the United States as Scar was legitimate as King of Pride Rock.”
But there is more to this analogy than simply a question of legitimacy. Donald Trump and his administration represent the Empire that in every epic story attempts to subjugate this Flow. The Resistance represents the rag tag group of heroes ready to fight this Empire. And yet, in these stories, these groups from the Rebel Alliance to the Order of the Phoenix/Dumbledore’s Army and beyond it need to tap into the magic of interconnectivity all around us, the Universal Flow.
As we grapple with how to address the Trump administration, it is important to understand that the work is both external AND internal and far, far bigger than us. We have an opportunity now to come together and fully commit to the Circle of Life and to be Dumbledore’s people through and through. We have the opportunity to stand up and face weak minded tyrants – as all of these stories paint the villains as – and have faith in a greater collective intelligence: Trump is not simply the end of an era, but a call for a new one.
It will be our role to nourish and nurture this new one. It will requires that we get beyond our own self-built walls, internal prisons, and support each other with deep creativity and compassion. It will require that we Imagine Better.